Gold ★ Star! Delivery

Meet the group of unlikely heroes saving the world one package at a time! Well, okay, maybe not the world, and maybe nothing too heroic, but Jay and the gang will deliver anything, anytime, anywhere, ON TIME, guaranteed! 

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  • reynard61

    I wish they’d share their secret with the USPS! I’ve got a pair of packages languishing in Chicago that I wish they’d deliver.

  • I love the new site design and I am so excited for this comic.

    • Adventures of Pants-less Delivery Crew™ are a GOOOO!

  • pkrcel

    Hey can’t wait to see the new comic ramping up! ..thou I will miss sprinkles BADLY.

    But…may I ask why you ditched Murphy’s law completely from the site?

    • I removed it because it doesn’t really fit with the tone of the rest of the comics here – everything here is light-hearted humor or slice of life and ML is a much darker story (and needs to be completely redone, haha) But yeah the new stuff should be fun and Sprinkles isn’t gone forever :)

      • pkrcel

        Well, I’ll throw my 2 cents here in saying that you might be right about the tone of ML compared vs the rest but…I mean it’s just too bad, it was an high quality work of art.

        Hope you might devote to it in the future, I’m still curios on how it may go on.

        And well, I’m SOOOO fond of Sprikles that I might miss it even if it’s not goen XD.

        Anyway Keep up the good work, you’re definitely one of the best artists out there (at least on my to-read list hey!)

        • Rateus

          I enjoyed reading through Murphy’s Law, it’s good work, deserves to be out there somewhere!

  • Guaranteed? Or “guaranteed”? On time, or “On Time”? ;)

    • Dan have you been hurt by delivery promises before? These guys won’t let you down haha

      • I have a hard time trusting pantsless delivery personnel ;P

  • Rateus

    A new project? Marvelous! Will we still get a sprinkling of Sprinkles [edit: it’s on hiatus, I’ve read the FAQs now]? I like the new site design.

    • Yah I figure I’ll do one every now and again when inspiration strikes but I was craving something new :)

      • Rateus

        Surprise Sprinkles will be be an unexpected treat, which is the best kind of treat.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “How much to deliver a human, air drop, to this location?”
    Uh..That’ll be extra?