21 The Fine Print

So, I’m at the age where I remember 99 cent gas, tape cassettes, and the non-existence of internet, cell phones, MP3s, and of course, texting. It’s funny to me that kids growing up today will never know a time when all of those things weren’t around. I remember watching Star Trek: Next Generation with my dad and thinking how cool it would be to have one of those touchscreen pads they used, and now we’ve got it in tablet computers.

Of course, I’m still way behind the times in that I have the Smart Phone’s illiterate cousin, the Dumb Phone, and it lacks both a data package and a touch screen. I have, in fact, only just recently upgraded to a phone that includes a QWERTY keyboard, which was very exciting. My avoidance of the fancy phone is mainly due to the fact that I am not willing to pay for a data plan, nor do I wish to waste time playing games on said phone, which I would inevitably end up doing. Then I’d be stranded on the side of the road in a bad section of town one night with a dead battery and a high score in Angry Birds and who would I have to blame then?