91 It’s 5 o’clock Everywhere

Life is pretty darn good once Lucifer gets outta your biz.


I hope you all enjoyed this story. It was a great learning experience for me, coloring the whole thing and working in a pretty tightly compacted layout like this kinda forced me to condense a joke. There were some strips I felt were lacking, but others I consider pretty successful, and I’ll just take those lessons and put ’em away for the next project.

Thanks for reading – stick around and check out Sprinkles, my new comic, starting next Monday!

  • ltread

    Just finished rereading this (I first read it when it was an ongoing), and it’s just a fun, awesome little story. Well done.

  • Nice story, thanks for making it, t’was fun to read!

  • esajaan

    That was a nice story. As always I have mixed feelings about webcomics ending, but this is a good end :D

  • tectas

    Nice story with a much to sudden end :)
    Any plans on a follow up? Larrys retired now, but he still has his female disguise^^

    • I think eventually I’d like to revisit these characters and send them off on another adventure, because I love ’em dearly, but no current plans for that yet! :D

  • This was indeed a good story. I will definitely keep reading your stuff.

  • mootstrap

    Thanks for making this. I really liked the story and, of course, Marchosia. Between this and Sprinkles (I haven’t checked out Murphy’s Law,yet) you clearly have an awesome knack for making comics which make me laugh and enjoy. And I liked the ending on this one. I look forward to seeing more in Sprinkles and whatever else you’ve got going.

    • Aw man, thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy!

  • l33tninja

    great comic – well done

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :D

  • pugetsean

    So glad Doodleforfood linked me here. So sad it’s over. It took less time to read than it was worth, naturally with good comics.

    • Aw thanks man, I hope you enjoy your stay and maybe even (GASP) stick around for more comics??? :)

  • χάος Lemur

    Bravo indeed!

    Y’know, I actually did wonder if Larry’s crinkled whisker would straighten out if/when he got free..

    *happy dance* CALLED IT!

    Just hope his image generator has an eternal warranty..

    • Hahah glad you noticed that little detail! :D

  • Bravo, that was nice :)

  • Marsha Moser

    Just finished the series. I’m so glad Marc made it! :D

    • It was a long road,but turns out big goofy furry demons make it after all!

  • *claps* I enjoyed reading this from beginning to end – your art style is wonderfully expressive. Glad to see my rooting for Marc paid off. Thank you for bringing this entertaining (and at times, heartwarming) story to the internet. I wish you all the best in your future projects!

    • Entertaining and heartwarming are the two words I’d pick if I had to describe this story – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!

  • Cesium

    Aw, and this whole time I’ve been assuming Lucifer switched the two jars. It’s the kind of thing he would do, after all. ;)

    • Aw, totally. Perhaps under Ben’s watchful eye he decided to behave!

  • Brett

    A feel good ending? That is SO you haha.

    • Well of course! I want my characters to be happyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Mark Lam

    Hey Jennifer! I enjoyed reading this comic strip – I own that copy of your demo strips you gave me when I worked at Maxim somewhere in my house, haha. Can’t wait to read the next thing!

    • Woooo glad to hear you liked it – pretty sure the next project will be just as entertaining!