Wrist Rest 2016 – Star Trek Zine Comic Pg 4

And thus concludes the episode that never aired but totally should have! I hope you enjoyed the adventures of cranky captain and excited Q  :)

Will be back with new comics as soon as I can! <3

  • Rune

    I miss you and your comic.

    • Still here, still making comics! <3

      • Klaus

        Still missing the comic :(

  • Megan Gillis

    i miss you life stories :(

  • Sam Conley

    I just randomly read all this from last to first in a single sitting.

  • Gamesman01

    In the same vein here is a fun little tune.

  • Rateus

    Happy Chrimbo Jen, hope your wrist is sufficiently recovered so you want unwrap all your prezzies next weekend.

  • Rateus


  • Gamesman01

    I always knew Q had a “thing” for Captain Picard.

  • Miles

    I agree, this is an episode that SHOULD have happened. Very excellent work. Please continue resting and healing your wrist, and thank you for all your works.

  • Brian Kim

    Excellent story, I’ve always enjoyed Q.

  • thobgood

    That was OODLES of fun! Thanks for sharing. I hope you feel better soon.