Waterpark Woes

What is it like to function like a normal, rational human being who doesn’t worry about that kind of stuff and just enjoys the moment? WHAT IS IT LIKE?

  • Row Crop

    I suggest that you are by no means alone in having irrational fears, mine are quite different, but also quite real, if even when there is no basis in fact.

  • Zixinus

    To answer the question: we worry about other silly things.

    • Rateus

      I’ve only just stopped worrying about velociraptors hiding in my pantry and jumping out to eat my face off when I open it for cereal in the morning…

      • Zixinus

        Don’t worry, you’ll find something else to be irrationally afraid of.

        • Rateus

          There was a massive spider in my bathroom yesterday. Lowered itself into my peripheral vision as I was brushing my teeth ready for bed. I know they’re not dangerous over here but that doesn’t stop them from creeping me the hell out, especially when they sneak up on you. I went from sleepily cleaning my teeth to lying in bed wide awake with a heart-rate of about 150bpm :-(

  • The Victor

    To you, it’s schmeg… to me… it’s wondering when the last maintenance was done on the bolts.

  • Se7en cats

    There a blast. XD

  • Pretty fun actually. In case you were actually wondering ;)