Til Death Do Us Part

Can’t no one say we don’t know how to keep the romance alive in this house.

  • Rateus

    Lunch candy?

  • toxic delirium

    Statistically, your husband is slated to die about a decade before you, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

  • Adriano

    Oooh, I see you changed for Disqus ! Niiiiiiice :D

    Yes, long time I didn’t read your comic… Like a year… I’m an horrible person sorry Jen ;~;

  • Se7en cats

    Home free and toothless. :)

  • Adri Mannow

    I wish I was home free xD

    I need to remember that line for future convs with my gf.

  • Very accurate. Divorce would be too hard, and then you’d have to do the whole dating thing again. Way too much work. ;)