Starting the Day Off Right

You know what husband let’s just slow your roll okay not everyone in the world wants to start the weekend at 7am

10am is a much more attainable goal

  • Rateus

    Way to early to be up on a weekend. If you’re not careful your duvet will be stolen and he’ll use the cold to get you up :-( I get that a lot on the weekend.

  • Miles

    “You’re not up, you’re only awake. And barely that!”

    • Me every weekend

      • Miles

        Me too. I wake up when I have to. Otherwise, I like to sleep until noon (and go to sleep right as the sun is rising). I tell others that I am still on Osaka time.
        Really, it’s only because I forget how to sleep.

  • RoyanRannedos

    Two-year-olds have no snooze button either. Mine is permanently set for 6:45. Daylight savings is gonna suck.

  • The Victor

    Why do you have so many fitness shirts?

  • Adri Mannow

    10 am ? Tch, little players. 12 am is a minimum.

  • Nooooooo, weekends are totally for sleeping in because you overindulge and stay up until 3am minimum the night before doing at home nerdy things.

    Our younger cat is your husband in this scenario though, walking all over us making squeaky meows and biting legs and licking nostrils.

    • Hahah your cat licks your nostrils? That is kinda hilarious :3