That Special Cat Bonding

Ah yes, the special unconditional bond that owners share with their cats, the mythical never-has-been-never-will-be love. That’s okay I am imaginative enough to think that they reciprocate my love. T__T

WHO HAS A BONUS COMIC THURSDAY COMING UP??? That’s right, YOU do, you lucky dog. Come back this Thursday for your daily guffaw.

  • Justin

    My cats are the exact opposite but it’s still annoying

  • Tracey

    The last panel is straight out of my life.

    • It must be a popular cat position it’s probably in their handbook

  • Our cats both meet us at the door, often running up as soon as they hear the car. YoungCat especially demands lovings and attention, but even OlderCat prefers it when we pick him up for cuddles when we come home. At least for a short while. Then he’s like, “Okay that is enough put me down human.”

    • Aw man, our cats only come running if we come in the door and it’s near dinner time. Otherwise we get the half-closed eye stare from the back of the couch.

  • I’m never quite sure if I should do a comic on something I’ve already tweeted about but then I figure a visual to accompany the story is probably a good thing!

    • Well since not everyone who reads your comic reads your tweets (and vice versa) it probably can only serve to improve your audience visibility :)

      • Tracey

        Yes yes. I am pretty much a derp on twitter. I have one but I don’t use it at all.

  • Yay bonus update! :D

    And I’m glad to see that weeks ago funny cat story tweets have turned into a comic page :)

  • The cat hisses at me and growls malevolently. The dogs are typically overjoyed to see poppa come home– doing the doggy dance, tails wagging, play bows… Maybe the cat is actually indifferent to my return, and just angry that something has made the dogs cheerful.

    • This is sound logic and probably scientifically accurate