In Sickness and in Health Part 2

The harsh cold realities of sharing germs with your loved ones is this – you’ll probably be mostly dead right when they’ve gotten over their illness. Luckily if you have a cat you can expect they won’t care at all, so there’s that.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    My girl works with kids.
    So she brings kid bugs home to me.
    One would think you could get the same 24 hour stomach bug only so many times before your body figures out what it is.
    Heh, yeah.

    • Haha nope your stomach has short term memory problems.

  • Lisa T

    I feel so fortunate because my husband seems to filter and weaken cold germs, so when I get them, it’s not as bad.

    Or maybe I have a heartier immune system, who knows.

    • Aww, LUCKY. My hubs must mutate cold germs into superbugs before giving them to me!

  • The funny thing is that cold germs actually live inside houses and buildings, not out in the wintry open. So we get more colds in winter because we hang out inside without airflow too much ;)

    • That is true (get outta here with your science!) but they’re MY germs and we get along probably