The Rotisserie Crib

There’s money to be made here, I’m sure of it. Just patent that and give us credit for the idea. Or not, if you get in trouble.


  • Rateus

    Reason # 1 – Don’t like touching babies.

  • Eggderped321

    I think you two would make awesome and funny parent’s :D

    • I cannot even imagine how screwed up our kid would be haaaaaah

      • Eggderped321

        I came out alright! :D and me dad and mom are real weird -_- and my parent’s are like they’re out of everybody loves Raymond…

      • Fugacity

        Actually, if you realized how messed up other parents are, you’d realize that your kid would probably be – in comparison – a lot less screwed up than most…

  • The Victor

    hahaha, Funny enough, men have a chemical and physical change that makes them think of being a father only when seeing their kid for the first time… That throws reason 87 out the window…

  • Adri Mannow

    That’s just the best idea I’ve ever heard !
    Gonna make it happend ! xD