A Responsible Adult

My mom has some pretty strong ideas about what can and cannot be done in her house and it makes not one lick of difference that pizza tastes 2937459234 times better reheated in an oven than it does in the microwave and I’m going to turn on the air conditioner and open the front door and stand in it and cool off the whole neighborhood

Guess what’s coming this Thursday? BONUS COMIC THURSDAY GET EXCITED

  • Rateus

    Been in our place 2 years and there’s still joy to be had like this :-)

    • Right? It doesn’t get old to me haha

  • Miles

    Toaster oven for the pizza. Same great reheatedness, less actual oven.
    I also use it to cook hotdogs as though they were grilled without actually using charcoal and a grill (and works great in winter)!

    • Aw, I totally want one of those!

  • Claudzilla

    Wait no laundry til the weekend because it’s cheaper? What is that madness?

    • Yeah! In Maryland there’s programs for a lower rate for electricity certain days of the week.

  • The Victor

    I hear you can save money by plopping your nuked (microwaved) pizza in a pan on the stove.

    But what’s this about the water? I know some phone bills are expensive during the day, but water?

    • Jostikas

      Power, not water.

  • It must be a parent thing. My dad did it too. But since I’m just in an all-utilities-included apartment, I can use as much water and AC as I want :D

    • It totally IS a parent thing I hope I never find myself screaming about air conditioning the whole neighborhood

      • Adri Mannow

        Then you’ll be the best parent ever ! Ahah ^^