Pumpkin: This is Serious.

Guys you don’t even know how important pumpkin is to these cats. It’s like life and death up in here sometimes. You opening the fridge? You standing in the middle of the kitchen? You 20 feet away in the bathroom reading a magazine? COULD BE PUMPKIN TIME.

  • Rateus

    And now every time I walk past an allotment or go to the grocery story I think

  • What time is it?

  • Miles

    Erg, Spot (a cat who is all white) does that any time he hears plastic anything. I open a bagged salad, and he thinks it’s food for him. I open beef jerky, and there had better be some for him. Frozen vegetables, he thinks it’s for him. I bring in groceries in a plastic bag and he must investigate to find what it is that is for him!

  • I’m reading this one for the fifth time, I love the cat at the end acting like the world has ended. I told my husband this is our cat’s with ANYTHING.

  • True though- it’s really good for them, maybe give them moooar? *blinkblink*

  • My cat used to do that with ice cream…any time a spoon touched a bowl growing up our cat assumed it was ice cream…and mint chip was his favorite.

  • The Victor

    my dog is the same way… especially for the coffee. So I give her some… she doesn’t even touch the cup and is like “Are you trying to make me sick?” lol. However with us, it’s normally due to the sound of plastic bags.. They put dog treats in the same bag

  • Glew

    Permkin goes into the bookmarks. :3

  • Adri Mannow

    “permkin !”

    • I have caught myself using permkin in a serious way, to people who don’t know I did a comic about that. It was…awkward haha

      • Adri Mannow

        Well, I can relate with times when I use “The Amazing World of Gumball” quotes and nobody around me gets it. VERY awkward xD

  • Adri Mannow

    I’m gonna use this word now ahah xD

  • I love the :)

    • Some how putting “cat quotes” inside of made it disappear? Must have accidentally activated an HTML tag or something.

      • Seriously, how do I make them (the sideways V’s, since I can’t type them apparently) not disappear? Also, it’s really annoying that the arrow keys make the page move even when I’m typing a comment.

        • Hmmm, I think the arrow keys are automatically tied to navigation? I would turn that off if I knew how, I’ll have to google it.

          • I like that the arrow keys navigate. It makes it nice and easy. It was just annoying because I was trying to edit my comment using the arrow keys, and it kept moving.