Perfectly Reasonable Conclusions

You think I’m joking but I’ve had all of these thoughts at one time or another.

Look all I’m saying is that sometimes you have to be wary of things in your house spontaneously combusting for no other reason than you left it plugged in. My flat iron could maybe fall off the counter onto the rug and catch it on fire and suddenly the whole house is ashes or at least that’s how my brain operates in the middle of an important meeting at work because did I unplug the flat iron or didn’t I oh man maybe I better call mom and see if she can go over to my house and check


  • Rateus

    After 10 years we stopped unplugging the toaster and started just turning the socket off at the wall. We are living on the edge!

  • The Victor

    kinda thought he was going to buy you a new white monogrammed jacket with extra long sleeves there….

  • Se7en cats

    I can relate to the cats. Been there done that. :)

  • I also freak out if I don’t have a visual confirmation on the cats, but I also live in a tiny studio, so… ;)

    • With cats you just never know, they live in multiple dimensions anyway so who knows what they could be up to!

      • Moni

        Are you saying your cats are the same species as Catbug? o_o This would make it hard to keep an eye on them.

      • Fugacity

        Schr√∂dinger’s cats – they are both alive and dead until you check on them.

        • I’m in a state of constant concern about the condition of my cats haha