People Soup

Yeah. Yes. You just THINK about this next time you go splashing all care-free like around in those public pools. Enjoy that fermented schmeg water.

  • Miles

    I already feel that way about pools… they are like giant bathtubs… and I like taking a bath, except I am the only one that uses that water.
    I’m fine swimming in lakes, ponds and oceans, places with currents and only fish pee. It’s natural. Pools? Eh…

  • Mike

    “70% places tested positive” that’s not saying they are dirty, that’s saying the tests are really sensitive. Mythbusters did a pile of these and while they found bacteria everywhere the amounts weren’t anywhere close to a problem (pretty much everywhere other than the toilet had less than a mouth swab).

    • I think I read somewhere that your phone is also pretty disgusting, which I think about whenever I bring it up to my FACE haha

  • Jack

    In fairness this applies to pretty much anything. Most paper money tests positive for cocaine, for example.

    • True, but I’m also not rubbing money all over my swimsuit body haha

  • The Victor

    Bahaha Too funny! Given the fact that dust is 90% dead skin, only minute amounts of germs can kill you, and the more you expose yourself, the more your body will repel it. Besides, I’d be more nervous about the extra bubbles than the germs…

  • I haven’t been in a pool in years but I still feel the need to bathe in the hottest water possible right now. Thanks.

    • Glad I could be of public service haha

  • Marcos Correia

    Thank you. Never going to the pool again.

    • Adri Mannow

      Omg same feeling here after reading this strip !