That Organic Heat

So very sad that the man cannot appreciate the warm embrace of a heated blanket that does NOT in any way resemble hot farts, canine or otherwise. >:|

  • Rateus

    I have the hot/cold dynamic in my relationship too, although we have not electric blanket so I get used as the hot water bottle which I’m totally ok with because snuggles.

  • Justin

    Trust me a thousand hot dog farts is like a 1 degre burn

  • Crazy Bryguy

    One Piece!
    My dad is just like this with the thermostat, no respect for us chillies.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “It’s like MICE got hammered on STOLI in here before tossing back a thousand burritos!”
    *Ahh.. nice to be able to throw that Attic comparison out there finally.*

  • Delta-v

    Well, that was……descriptive…..

    • He comes up with the most inventive descriptions for just about everything
      I need to compile a list

      • Delta-v

        Oooh! Yes, please. :D

  • Vas

    You understand my nightly struggle so well.

    • Staying warm in winter is always an uphill battle huurgh

  • Storycollector

    Nice One piece t-shirt. :)

    • I knew I’d get someone who recognized it!

      • Adri Mannow

        Does he really wear such t-shirt ? Or is it just for the comic ? ^^

        • Nope he really does have this shirt, hahah

          • Adri Mannow

            That’s so cool !