Is Nothing Sacred

So now that’s a thing I have to be concerned about in my house: Could this glass have once contained farts?

With this comic I have single-handedly ensured that no one who visits us will be thirsty.

  • The Victor

    When I was younger, this sort of happened. I tend to use the same cup all day, but there was a spot in the dishwasher, so I cleaned it. Anyways, I grabbed another cup to pour coffee in it and the phone rang. When I got back, the cup was gone. I asked if that was the cup I put on the counter, and my mom took one look at me, dumped the coffee and grabbed another cup.

    I asked her why, trying to stop her from wasting the coffee, and she spouted out stuff that rivaled people soup… Trust me, farts is not even close….

    Needless to say, I didn’t have coffee for the rest of the day.

  • Brett

    What actually happened: she started drinking out of my cup a nanosecond after asking if it was mine, so I decided to make her think twice about such thievery in the future. I would say, mission accomplished!

    • I don’t think this works for everything though – I still steal your food all willy nilly.

      • I love that Brett gets to comment and give us the true story. Unless Brett is just a pseudonym/fake account!! :D

        • Oh no that was really him and he felt the need to clarify just in case the internet thought he was nuts

          • Glew

            And how wise of him that was. ^^