Babies are like little drunken people with their wobbly heads and inability to stop spitting up on themselves no thank you

Nope nope babies.


I may be an adult at the ripe old age of momhood but I don’t want to hold your expensive, easily breakable babies.

  • Rateus

    Same! Some people won’t take no for an answer though. Fortunately my missus is the same so we can retreat together :-)

  • Miltowner

    Just offer to juggle. Works best with triplets.

  • toxic delirium

    I feel much the same way. No on babies. Just NO. And I mean NO. Did I mention NO? Because if you hold their baby, they think you will babysit, and then you are well and truly fucked.

  • ThatGuyYouKnow12

    This is me in such a real way (aside from the woman part)

  • The Victor

    This reminds me of a friend of mine. She thought she heard her name being called by the chinese store in West Ed and turned around for a second. Then she had the fear of her life when he baby was missing. She got paranoid, so it took her a minute to realize that some old chinese ladies were looking after it by the bench, a foot away.

    They thought it was ok to just grab a baby if you were going to put it back.

    Anyways, I love that shirt. bold statement for a comic

  • Megan

    This is awesome! Ugh kids. We’re child free with 6 cats and 2 greyhounds :D

  • Josh

    I like you, your folk, your comic and spider-bug exterminator type cats.
    For the record: Babies are fairly durable, if they weren’t, no one would survive the whole birth thing. But they are total schphluem (see human soup for spelling) machines.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! I hope you continue to like me and my ilk, or at the very least, find our antics amusing. :)

  • Chug

    I like to hold babies. But I also like to give them BACK.

    • I like to observe from afar and in short intervals, haha

  • An

    Childfreedom for the win!

    • All aboard the no bebbies traaaaain