The Neutral Zone

This guy is forever rolling into The Neutral Zone and I have had enough and I will take action! PHOTON TORPEDO FOOT.

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  • Samuel Cornick

    More like TOEpedoes!

  • Rateus

    Damned Romulans, will they never learn?

  • Fugacity

    You know – you already have the solution….
    Just sleep on TOP of your studly hubby…. (or doesn’t he quite qualify as an underwear model?)

    • I tried, he won’t let me :(

  • The Victor

    gym socks are more effective.

  • Se7en cats

    Must have had too much Aldebaran whiskey last night. :D

  • χάος Lemur

    Don’t you mean. “Fire footon torpedoes!” ?

    • DAMMIT YES What a missed opportunity!

  • BWahahah! Love it! Especially since we’ve been watching Star Trek recently :)

    In our case I normally have to give my wife the photon torpedo foot ;)

    • She should know that is unacceptable behavior which deserves such retaliation!