Necessary Shopping

This happens to me a lot. I know we only need Item A but then Items B thru K look like we could possibly need those too. And yes, Items B thru K are often items with little to no nutritional value.

  • Rateus

    You remembered the milk at least. Never shop when you are hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or sad.

    You know what, just try to avoid shopping.

  • Marge Wood

    Absolutely. They have sugar in them. How bad can they be?

  • The Mad One

    Wawa is like that. I’m pretty sure they hire wizards to design their endcaps for maximum extraneous purchasing.

    • I think I go into a comatose state when I enter that place, and then I get back in the car with BAGS of STUFF and I know I must have done wrong

    • Oh yes I DO need these entenmann’s cookies and three packs of gum and ooh chips!

  • The Victor

    I am resisting putting a “woman shopping vs men shopping” joke here. RESISTING! because I do the same… Still forgot the bacon. (yet still came out with three bags full, for a 3 item run)

  • Wawa? East coast friends?!