Mind Blown

What other songs lyrics have you been screwing up for 30 years?! Misheard song lyrics?! THIS IS SERIOUS please let me just catch my breath here.

  • Rateus

    I did this with Reef “Put your hands on”

    I thought it was put your hands up. Not once did I realise why so few people were putting their hands up :-s. I’m an idiot.

  • RoyanRannedos

    Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping. My friend thought it said, “I get no tongue!”

  • Rune

    I .. Don’t hate me, but I myself have never had this problem, but I’m kind of a pedant for songs I like. If I don’t know, and I mean certainly know a songs’ lyrics, I don’t sing them.

    However, i swear an old friend of mine misheard [and swore too] wrong lyrics for the old Bruce Springsteen-written huge hit “Blinded by the Light”, best known version by Manfred Manns Earth Band.

    He’d sing some weird “Gave my anus curly whirly” instead of the correct lyrics, which are; “And little Early Birdy came by in his curley whirly, and asked me if I needed a ride”

    He’d also mess up at “Revved up like a duece” into “Wrapped up like a douche”, but sometimes I wonder if he was just yankin’ my chain, since it bugged me so much.

    And he swore up and down he was sure that was how it went, even when I tried to just play those lines, or a few verses of it slowly so he could get the context and the slang.

    Even now, all the online sources I check have it wrongin places, saying “Little Early-Pearly” which isn’t even a thing, how strange.

  • Jack

    The worst thing in my opinion is when you listen back to the song after learning the real lyrics and suddenly it’s so obvious and you can hear the difference perfectly and that obviously means you’re a total idiot.

  • Garrulous

    Probably my favorite wrong lyrics are from ‘I fought the Law'(which gets played over and over again at work). For some bizarre reason, that can’t in anyway be linked to me being a dog owner/lover, I always without fail hear it as ‘I fought the dog and the dog won.’

    However, at least I was always aware that I was hearing it wrong. But I had to actually google it to find out what it was supposed to be. And even knowing what it should be I still hear dog instead of law. DON’T JUDGE ME! :P

    • Ahahaha! I just did this with another recent song “Lean On” where I thought she was saying “focus, fire a gun” but NOPE apparently it’s “blow a kiss, fire a gun” and I still hear “focus”. :|

  • Hilarious!

    I once caught my wife singing “Let’s drink pop” to the Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

    I used to think “Hush, keep it down now, voices carry” was actually “Josh, keep it down now, this is Carrie” from ‘Til Tuesday’s Voices Carry…

    • OMG for the longest time, I thought the song was “Hush, keep it down now, this is scaaaary” hahah

  • The Victor

    For some, sleep deprived, unknown reason, what popped into my head was when I was introduced to Boy George… Surfing through old records on You Tube, found a wonderful old female singer and wikied her group. A friend popped up on chat and asked how I was. No kidding… “BOY GEORGE IS A GUY!”

  • Se7en cats

    Bananarama “Venus” My dear wife butchers that one every time she hears it. English is her second language and V’s and P’s give her trouble. :)

  • Glew

    For a long time, when I was younger and my English not as great I thought it was “Sweet jeans are made of deers” It made sense – somehow :’D [Sweet dreams are made of this]

  • HanaNoir

    That brings to mind a story that a friend of mine from college told me about his mom. He was driving her to the store and the song Rock The Casbah by The Clash came on the radio and she started belting out at the top of her lungs “The shareef don’t like it, Rock your ass off, Rock your ass off!”. He said that he was laughing so hard that he almost ran off the road.

    • That is a lot tamer than what I had assumed it was at the tender age of whenever I first heard that song haha

  • Tania

    I agree with Lisa. The first time I looked up lyrics to a song I nearly had a mental break down. “MY ENTIRE LIFE IS A LIEEEE!!”

    • The first time I realized I got the song lyrics wrong I broke into a cold sweat – NO ONE HAD CORRECTED ME and they KNEW I WAS WRONG D:

  • This is why living in the modern day with the modern internet is such a wonderful thing.

    • How did anyone survive without Google?!

      • Adri Mannow

        I don’t know !
        Middle-Age sure was an hard time.
        Middle-Age is before the 2000’s, in case you were wondering u-u