Measuring True Love

And now you know, that the last piece of garlic bread is gone a step too far when quantifying someone’s love for you. A STEP TOO FAR.

  • Sam Conley

    I dunno…. My boyfriend laughs at my farts. ( He can’t explain why, he just finds them cute and musical. ) That seems pretty high up there on the relationship goals list.

  • Miles

    It’s almost 2am and now I want garlic bread… I’m getting up and making garlic toast now. Maybe I’ll remember how to turn the computer off when I finish.

  • ThatGuyYouKnow12

    This is still my favorite comics of yours BY FAR.

  • My fiance begrudgingly lets me eat the first bite of his last slice of pizza if I ask him. Out of love, I try to not ask often.

    • You are too kind! I would probably just eat it when he was looking at the TV

      • It’s definitely hard! I could be completely full and still tempted by the first bite of a pizza slice.

  • Stephanie

    This is definitely a sign of true love. I test it just about every meal. ;)

  • Hmm, I did steal my wife’s cinnamon roll center when we were dating, and she forgave me enough to still marry me. Just not enough to trust me near her cinnamon rolls ever again ;)