Love At First Sit

Most people probably have some sort of romantic “Oh we were walking under a starry moonlit night in the park and he whispered sweet nothings blah blah blah” and mine boils down to a pork chop stuck to my boyfriend’s butt.

  • Samuel Cornick

    It’s still good to eat!

  • Rateus

    Mine was when my missus found me asleep standing in the corridor of our uni hall of residence with my forehead on my front door and my keys in my hand, but too drunk and tired to make it to bed. She let me in and put me to bed bless her!

  • Adri Mannow

    “First sit” oh my xD

  • Alcor

    My favorite first date was when I turned up at my guy friend’s house, offered to take him on a dinner date, but it turns out I’d gotten his schedule wrong and he had plans, so we ended up walking all the way to his other plans. It started pouring rain halfway through the trip, and only one of us had an umbrella. So we arrived with half of each person soaking wet (it was a great mirror image), and then by the time he was done seeing his show, it was too late to go anywhere but the weird Italian place nearby that is open at strange hours and isn’t considered classy at all. Even so, we went on the date, and he said he would agree to go out with me, and we were together for 2.5 years after that. We’re still very close friends despite our breakup.

    To this day, despite everything going wrong, I still consider this the best first date I’ve ever had.

    • Ahh, treasured first date memories :D

  • Yeah…most of my wife’s stories from when we were dating boil down to “Dan tries hard.”

    • Dudes are so endearing when they’re nervous and trying to impress haha

      • Vas

        They really are. XD