Lost in Translation

Okay but really don’t you think that’s kinda what “Thunder from Down Under” COULD mean if you’re talking about a truly thunderous gas episode or something? I don’t think my first thought was totally out of the ballpark here but I was about to get truly righteous if he was indeed comparing AC/DC to farts.

  • Rateus

    Given Jen’s fondness for beefcakes I’m surprised she hadn’t heard of them. I bet they were googled within 30 seconds!

  • Mario Sanchez

    I just recently found your page, (like yesterday recent) and I’m really enjoying Sprinkles. BUT (always the but) I really expected after this specific strip to come down to the comments and see a few people getting all music nazi on you over your mistake. But maybe it was an intentional mistake (theres your free “get out of jail” card) that you have your strip persona say Angus (Angus Young) is the singer of AC/DC? Unfortunately that is not a truth. In the group AC/DC Angus Young is the lead guitarist and since the death of the previous singer, Bon Scott, back in 1980ish, singing duties have been handled by Brian Johnson. This is all. Seriously though, i didnt intend to read this strip at all. I happened to see an ad banner at the Hark, a vagrant page and just clicked, not expecting much. so pleasant surprise that is. Thank you for the very enjoyable read

  • The Victor

    how pissed would you be if after the first panel, Brett handed you a gym bag with all your gym clothes (including shoes)?

  • Ronin Glen

    Don’t know why I didn’t notice this before but…the singer is named Brian. It’s the lead guitar player who’s named Angus. :)

    • DANG IT, really? WELP I will have to tell Brett he was wrong, one of my favorite things to do.