Little Arms, Big Dreams

Yes, “T-Rex Little Arms Attack” is a thing in our house. I’m pretty sure I originally stole it from this part in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. You do what you gotta do to make things happen in your house, you know? Unfortunately, once you’ve used a tactic Brett becomes aware of the trickery, and you can’t use it again. :(

  • Rateus

    I wonder what Dina from Dumbing of Age would make of this…

  • toxic delirium

    Well, you could always employ the “T-Rex Huge Jaws Attack” but that will certainly not result in Chipotle and might end you up in jail.



  • SK

    Make sure you follow through with a mighty T-Rex bite!

  • Crazy Bryguy

    While not quite as good as the books(especially since they quit at the third book), I always enjoy the movie just because of Jim Carrey’s fantastic performance. “Back when DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH! NyAAArrrrREAAAaar! gnaw gnaw”

    • Wasn’t he great? I think he must have had a blast the entire time. Stefano was one of my favorite characters haha.

      • Crazy Bryguy

        “I am, ah, Stefano. I am an Italian man.”

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Musst…claw….apatasaurus! Graaaaaaagh!” *stubby T-Rex arms flail uselessly*


  • Adri Mannow

    Brett’s face in panel five is sooooooooo funny, ahah xD

  • T-Rex arms always win!

  • Lol. Jen, you are so mature. An example to adults everywhere. Also I hate that pressing the arrow keys while typing a comment navigates me to a new page.

    • I’m the epitome of mature adult, they even let me drive.

      Okay I forget, why are you using the arrow keys when you’re putting in a comment, again?

      • Adri Mannow

        How about Brett’s maturity ? He doesn’t drive ?

        For correction of mistakes, of course.

      • Delta-v

        I use them (on other comment boards) to correct a typo if it’s quicker than mousing.

        At least he didn’t just wrap the leftovers in a tortilla and call it a burrito.

      • Aaah. I think the navigation keys are mapped to the comic and I’m not sure how to separate the two!

        • Adri Mannow

          Try nuclear apocalypse, it worked for The Demon Archives ;)

        • Psst Settings>Webcomic>Navigate>uncheck “Keyboard shortcuts for webcomic navigation”.