There IS a Limit

And buddy you just found it. I let you do a lot of things around this house that the public would probably raise an eyebrow at but you will wash your clothes in the washing machine like you have some sense.

  • Rateus

    Cutting out the middle man. Good work Brett.

  • Eggderped321

    -_- macho man can sleep without a bed too.

  • Jack

    One Piece shirt deserves better.

  • Adri Mannow

    Your husband is like a Spartan : epic & badass

    • He’s a minimalist at heart!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Canyon Man need no map! Canyon Man navigate by SON! Okay son, start walking!” <————my brother talking about his mad navigation skillz

  • Crystal

    Is that a One Piece shirt in the final panel?

  • Chronos

    Heh. I’d be able to tolerate the Pizza bit, but anything beyond that’s my limit.

    • Exactly who wants backwash in their OJ

      • Fugacity

        Eh – just don’t let the other person see you and they’ll never know…
        (grinning an evil grin)