Leave My Stuff Alone

I find throwing stuff away to be super cathartic but there are people in this world that really like their stuff and do not want to part with it. Which means you should not let me into your house I will throw 90% of it’s contents out.

GUYS GUYS GUYS I now have a Patreon account. If you are interested in helping support your local artists with a buck or two a month, then please head over to my page and check it out. There’s some pretty cool rewards :)

Become my patron!In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve also got a fancier, more…enticing vote button starring the very alluring Grimmer the Jerk Cat. :) It’s there for those of you who are so inclined to vote and help bump me up the very tall ladder over at topwebcomics.com! Speaking of comics, I’ve also loaded up the Links page with a whole buncha comics you can read while having your breakfast cereal.

  • Derek Kato

    don’t throw it out, DONATE IT!!!

  • Rateus

    Turns out I was more than three years late on the Patreon bandwagon. Sorry about that.

  • The Victor

    were they 4 sizes of strainers?

  • Vas

    Oh hoarding moms!

    • It’s in their genes I think!

  • I love the Grimmer vote incentive button ;) Although I just vote for you from my “favorites” list via my TWC login.

    And I am glad that my mother is not this much of a pack rat.

    • Hmmm that is acceptable as well I suppose