Keep On Truckin’

I guess driving a vehicle that’s worth several times my own car and is the size of a tank and could flatten everything in its path doesn’t scare some folks, but some folks also don’t run screeching from a spider that is dangling from the ceiling that they ALMOST walked right into, so, you know.

  • Rateus

    “I drew me driving on the wrong side of the road” looks perfect to me.

  • Tania

    I know that feeling :(
    Hope your car feels better. I just got through trading my 95 in for the same problems… among others.

    • Woooow that is a lotta years you got outta your ride, I didn’t do nearly that well haha

      • Tania

        I’d only had it ten years, but yeah… I put about 20,000 miles on the poor thing. Leaking coolant, chances of catching fire while at red lights, needed new wiper blades, car battery was changed last year after it lasted 12 years, odometer stopped working correctly somewhere around 150,000 miles, needed new shocks. I drove the girl into the ground. XD;

        Speaking of panicking at 20 miles.. that’s also me when I started to learn how to drive:
        “Step on the gas!”
        “I am! >:(”
        “You’re going 15 in a 30.”
        *drives at 20* “OH GOD WE’RE GOING DIE!”