Household Flavorings

And with this comic I have single-handedly insured that no one will ever eat at our house ever again :(

  • Rateus

    Good company for all the thirsty people who already won’t in case of fart-cups.

  • Shadey

    We have a short hair dog who’s a dane mix. And he sheds everywhere, we kick him out of the kitchen anytime something is being cooked or baked.

  • The Victor
  • Ugh, I wish! I had a friend who had many, many pets, and her house always smelled horrible. Even her clothes smelled horrible because of it. Everyone seemed to notice but her. Really unsanitary conditions. I’d take a single floating cat hair over that any day! Blehhh.

    • Huuuuuuurrgh that is literally one of my greatest fears – that my house smells and I don’t notice it D: but I’m so paranoid about that I’d think I’d notice if anything was out of place or at least I HOPE

  • I know I adopted 2 dogs, but sometimes, when sweeping the hardwood floors, I think I actually got a “bonus dog” as well.

    • yes we have a small cat living in the vacuum cleaner at all times

  • Ewwww! ;) Actually, a little cat hair wouldn’t stop me from eating food at your house.

    • Excellent then next time you are down in MD I will serve Cat Hair Fricassee