Hot Rich Puppycat Sleepin’

Except you’d have to tranquilize those puppy pillows and cat comforters because if they’re anything like Jerkface Grimmer, you’ll wake up feeling like an old pair of shoes for the miles they’ll have walked. On your face. All night. Oh and there would be a dead bug in your slipper too.

And those underwear models would probably be asking me for lattes and cable TV or something and then complain when they see we don’t have cable TV and I have a wonderful collection of tea but no lattes.

But that money wouldn’t complain.

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  • Claudzilla

    I sleep with furry blanketweights. I don’t know if those are really a thing, but that’s what my cats and dog operate as. It’s like a little workout in the night as I try to roll over while they pin down the blankets all around me.

    • You’re just sharing the bed with them, not the other way around haha

  • The Victor

    I tried a puppy pillow… they get scared that they won’t breathe and become hard. Not too comfy… At least small dogs that won’t make you breath in the fur to choke on at night.

    The male models….. sounds good, but I do believe that even woman know the comfort of a good pair of boobs over blood pumped pecks.

    As for Money… Gonna have to try that… when it’s not change…. pennies hurt.

  • Adri Mannow

    I’ll give you money when I’ll have plenty of it

    • Excellent I will wait by the mailbox