Heavenly Brunch

My husband feels very strongly about brunch food items, apparently. I mean, he’s not wrong. Pancakes and eggs and bacon are super delicious and I’m sure God would have understood.

  • Rateus

    So poorly…

  • The Victor

    Who says they don’t?

    • The Victor

      This Sunday God is having brunch!

  • Cattymadness

    “Is God able to cook any meal without burning it!?”

  • Crazy Bryguy

    The penitent chef shall pass.

  • Adri Mannow

    I was God I’d make appear a church full of delicious pancakes in front of Brett in an instant xD

    • He’d probably even put on a TIE for that event!

  • Brunch IS God! All hail Brunch!

    • Brett is pleased so many folk agree that brunch is the end all be all

  • Sounds like Brett needs to find a church that serves delicious brunch :)

    • It might entice him to be more godly haha