A Good Solid Start

Look you can’t rush lottery number picking. Also, that sitting posture I’m displaying there? It’s called Souping, and it’s comprised of the slow sliding of your entire body off of the couch in an exaggerated toddler-tantrum sort of way. It’s a popular move in this house.

ALSO you may have noticed Brett has a new haircut – he ran in the Tough Mudder event recently and decided he needed to look the part. With a mohawk, of course. I wasn’t allowed to get one because I did not participate. :(

  • Rateus

    8 is my favourite number.

  • Cattymadness

    Oooh! New haircuts! He’s got a mohawk and you’ve gone super saiyan!

  • Adri Mannow

    This haircut is crazy !
    I like it !