You do not get two dinners.

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Pretty sure this kitty logic falls under the “opportunist” category. She is roughly the size, weight, and shape of a bowling ball, and as such her single bowl of dinner is perfectly reasonable and she might even taste it if she stops inhaling it like it is the last food she will ever see for the rest of her life.

BONUS COMIC THURSDAY AHOOOOOY Stay tuned for another comic this Thursdaaaaaay yesss

  • Claudzilla

    So I think your ad on the Hark a Vagrant page is working. I clicked on it Tuesday and fell madly in love. I saw another comment from someone who got here the same way. And now I have shared one on my Facebook page and already another friend is in love.

    • Aw, cool – I love Hark a Vagrant so I thought it might be a good spot for new eyes :) Thank you so much for sharing, that’s awesome!

  • Voted and added to my favorites list for easy future voting.