Did you get that memo?!

I’m not joking. One more gray hair outta you and we’re going to step outside. For some fisticuffs.

  • Rateus

    Looks like you got off light feet.

  • Claudzilla

    When zits and menopause collide, there will be fisticuffs with the universe.

  • Glew

    Oh yay. So what you are saying basically is that I have all the hopes for zits never going away? (I’m 26) Yaaaaaaaaaaaay … ._.

    • Oh yes. Get used to your Forever Friends, the Zits :(

    • The Victor

      Zits can come from malnutrician too… try a change of diet, exercize… and bathe more than once a month lol

  • Adri Mannow

    I’d love to have some of those meetings with my own guys.
    Heads are going to fall !