The Gendered Brain

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but I’m pretty sure men are from Why Don’t You Just Say What You Want, and women are from You Should Just Know What I Mean.

  • Rateus

    Can it be, a man worse at noticing subtle hints than me? Surely not…

    Be up-front with us ladies (or anyone else for that matter), we’re not clever enough for your subtleties.

  • Kazzeon

    Great description! :P

  • Adriano

    That’s so true x^D

  • The Victor

    …… now you are just quoting the book. Seriously woman. On Mars, we ask what we want, we try to solve problems by ourselves and we isolate outselves until we solve them. On Mars, the saying goes “If you ask, you want, if you don’t ask, offering is an insult”

    Women talk about their feelings, but never solve the problems because they never discuss the solutions. Just how horrible it makes you feel. Also, there is a Venusian saying “If they loves me, they will know without my asking”

    Whole book in one comment…

  • Glew

    That blogtext. THAT BLOGTEXT! TRUTH!!!444!!! [/overreacting] :)

    • It’s just waaaay easier than figuring your significant other will just “know” haha

  • Adri Mannow

    This is damn accurate xD

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    I, uh… have done that.

  • I’d see it as a challenge too, lol. XD IF YOU WANNA SIP, ASK FOR A SIP!

    • Hahaha direct and to the point

  • Lisa T

    Hahah, my husband and I are the exact opposite. He’s the sensitive, emotionally eloquent one, and I’m the pedantic twit who often doesn’t “get it”. XD

  • Yes! I feel the same! Just say what you want so I understand! I want to give it to you, I just don’t know you want it, sort of thing.