Fourteen Crumbs a Serving

Cat snacks do not list a serving size I kid you not, but don’t worry I only dole out a treat when a cat does something commendable, like manage to not be a complete jerk for a whole day. There’s a lot of snacks left in this bag, I gotta tell you.

  • Jessica

    We recently discovered that our cat’s favourite treats contain taurine, which is apparently an active ingredient in Red Bull. It suddenly makes so much more sense why she runs horizontally along the back of the couch before tearing off downstairs like a maniac. There’s no serving size or maximum recommended daily dose on those either, haha.

  • The Victor

    Kyra, my dog, (pronounced like Princessa Keira Piddlesworth) jumps up and up until I tell her firmly “MINE!” then she sits right down and shimmy shimmy shakes her but as she sits, hoping that I pull out her snacks

  • This is just like my cat
    She gets so happy about food and so mad when the food dish isn’t out 24/7 I’ve just started calling her Chunky.

    • I’ve never seen a cat light up the way this one does about food she’ll chase a thrown piece of kibble like it was the Kibble of Life

  • Susan

    You are soooo funny. Wish I knew some connections to hook your comics up to!!!

    • You’re sure you don’t know any BILLIONAIRES who want an in-house comic artist?

      • Adri Mannow

        Wait twenty years more and I’m you’re man !