Four Bazillion Scovilles

He learned a very important lesson that day: That “ALL OF IT” is not a flavor.

Guess what guess whaaaaaat Bonus Thursday is On Its WAAAAAY come on back for a new comic :D

  • Rune

    I love your comic, and the Grrl Power reference made my night.

  • Alex

    Nice :-)

    I am glad I understood the reference, but it might be nice if you could explain them just to make sure everyone else gets them, too.

  • The Victor

    Damn you! it’s 3am! 3 AM! why the hell am I thinking about a guy who came in and ordered a blizard “any flavor”. I gave him the one no one orders muhahahaha he ate it.

    • The Victor

      should bed to go. And I could have hit the “add jalapeno peppers” button on the till just for kicks

  • andrew

    ive been reading these all day and this has so far made me laugh the hardest.

    • Aww yissss so glad you’re getting a kick out of them!

  • Stephanie

    Love it!! Yup, this is pretty much how the story goes.

  • Yay bonus Thursday!

    And I identify with this sir. At least with the thinking I can handle all the hot sauces feeling ;)