Family Crisis

You guys that monstrosity of a bug caused complete chaos – cats were yowling, I was screaming, Brett was hollering, it was basically the End of Days and I don’t even know how we made it through the storm in one piece

  • Samuel Cornick

    How did it end!?

    • we smashed it with a SHOE it was frantic

  • Miles

    The cats are generally quite good at pouncing on, and dispatching, bugs. Especially flying ones.
    The exception is centipedes… the cats will just watch as they crawl up my boots to bite my unprotected leg (yes, under my pants).
    I am now the one with an extremely hostile reaction to centipedes. I smash them until they are a messy paste, then proceed to clean up said paste.

    I suspect the cats ignore centipedes because they get sick from eating them, but it’s not helpful to me at all.

    • Rateus

      Centipedes can be super toxic so I’m not surprised. I wonder what kind of bug this was… I had a lesser stag beetle in my house recently, he was cool.

  • Jessica

    So how DID you make it through? What happened to the bug?

    • Eventually Brett went forth with a towel and slapped it into the next dimension!

      • Jessica

        Haha, nice

  • The Victor

    My mom is Aracnaphobic, yet doesn’t worry about mites…. you know, the tiny white plant spiders?

    • The Victor

      are you scared of those?

  • Cattymadness

    “I don’t even know how we made it through that storm in one piece.” Perhaps it was because you were sailing the Thousand Sunny?

  • Hehehe. Grimmer and Moxie are the best part of this strip :D

    And in 3/4 panels Jen is making her classic face ;)

    • My face is permanently stuck like that >:U