Emergency Response

All I’m saying is if you are not actively making a chip selection you should stand at an appropriate distance so as to not hinder those of us who have a mission to get some cheddar fries or sometimes even hot fries, depending on the selection and whims.

  • Rateus

    There are so many chip choices it can be boggling and they your brain shuts down :-(

  • The Victor

    only time I was that guy, I worked 14 hours graveyard shift with a short crew (my other half was sick) and 2 breaks, 10 minutes each. A lady said “Excuse me” to which I realized that I fell asleep with my eyes opened while trying to grab the bag of chips.

    Try explaining that to the security guard when you are found asleep in your car.

  • Adri Mannow

    “Junky Junk” : my fav food ! :D

  • william

    i am suprized that the last panel isnt your husband tied up and gaged :P not slep in on a day off unthinkable

    • He has learned to leave me be on MOST days off, but sometimes he gets it in his head that we’ll be productive or whatever it is that real adults do

  • Alcor

    I would buy Chippy Chips as a brand name. XD

    • They must know their product inside and OUT!

  • Ah Jennifer, why don’t I doubt that this is 100% accurate? ;)

    • It was pretty much word for word hahaha