Here you dropped this.

CATS man amirite could you guys maybe stop flooding the floor with tiny miniatures of yourself the vacuum cleaner has probably a whole other cat in it

  • Rateus

    Returned from whence it came

  • Also, I like the title of the comic and the strip at the top. Much easier to see.

  • Two things:

    1) At first I thought he was in a bathroom, and that your head was mysteriously popping out of the sink. Then I realized it was a kitchen and a counter and I missed the forced perspective ;)

    2) Long haired women can also leave huge wads of hair around, especially on carpeted floors.

    • lol I like how you stepped up to defend the cats by throwing long haired women straight under the bus :D

    • Fugacity

      It’s not the wads of hair in the kitchen that are the problem – it’s the hairballs in the bathroom sink, tub, floor, shower, under the counter, in the corners, behind the door….
      Still love my better half though…

      • Those sneak attack hairballs – they’re EVERYWHERERREEEEE