I used to be able to handle rides. I did! Back in my younger days I loved roller-coasters and things that spun you in a circle. BUT NOW. NOW is a different story.

  • Rateus

    I love roller-coasters, but my missus has retired from them :-(

  • Claudzilla

    I used to be scared of roller coasters. 10 minutes after I discovered how awesome they are, I discovered that I get the spins when I ride them.

  • The Victor

    a) Hahahaha you should totally do that ride where they drop you from thousands of feet up, straight down….
    b) You eat bones, skeletons and apple cores whole?

  • Stephanie

    Ha! I just saw this one. Now is toooottttallly different.. couldn’t agree more. No spinny rides! Promise!! Haha.

  • I love how there are whole bones and cans apparently in her stomach ;)

    • All in my attempt to make vomit less gross and more cartoony lulz

      • Brett

        No, no, tell the truth now. You actually do eat cans and bones.