You don’t know how to cat.

She might be some kind of cat-dog creature? I don’t know what CATegory (you see what I did there) she falls into but she doesn’t get how to cat properly.


WHO has a BONUS COMIC THURSDAY coming up? OH IT’S ME. I do. Come back Thursday!

  • Brittany Debuhr

    These comics are so adorable. I love how you make moxxi comment about stuff and always have her wanting pumpkin XD

    • Thank you! That cat always has something smart to say haha :)

  • Tammi

    Second panel Moxxi is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  • The Victor

    durring adulthood, some cats still get paralized if you hold them this way. Others grew back bones and nerves and you are actually hurting them pretty bad.

    Cat torchure or Vulcan pinch…. hmmmm

  • So zen.

    Much tranquility.

    Very peace.

    • Darn, I tried to space it out like those doge speak things, but it didn’t work.

    • And on the opposite side of the fence:
      much dance.
      very panic.
      wow claws.

    • Adri Mannow

      So nice

      Much well done

      Very spaced