Detective Skills

Because of course this is how it’s done. This is like when I have to mow the lawn and I pretend that I’m doing something fun instead of something horrendously sweaty, buggy, and hand blisteringy.

Guess what’s coming this Thursday? BONUS COMIC THURSDAY but don’t get spoiled because you got TWO in a ROW and that’s super special.

  • Rateus

    What was wrong with the name Wordsearches? Why do you hate our English America?

  • Eggderped321

    OH MY GOSH ONE PIECE SHIRT!~ ( i’m a total dork so i get excited over the smallest of things )

    • A real actual shirt he owns!

      • Eggderped321

        Awesome :D

  • The Victor

    BONUS COMIC THURSDAY!?!?! Given the fact that I am reading this….. almost two years later… THAT’S FREEKING SWEET! lol

    What about all the words that aren’t supposed to be found? are those undercover agents?

  • Adri Mannow

    “Permkin ?” said Moxxie