The Danger of the Honey-Do List

Haha, don’t worry, he won’t really burn the house down.




:waits in the shadows with fire extinguisher:

Bonus comic Thursday is in the forecast for this week…

  • Rateus

    I am fully aware I have 0 DIY skills and therefore don’t attempt anything even remotely complicated. Self awareness is important!

    • Every now and then he thinks he’s Tim the Toolman and I gotta be extra vigilant haha

  • The Victor

    3 codes to remember when changing out electrical stuff:

    1. if you are not upgrading from a 2 way to a gdl, you’ll be fine.. just take a picture to help.

    2. When changing light switches, they are packaged in the off position… don’t play with em before you plug it in… If you do, ground is on the bottom.

    3. There are silver bolts and gold (coloured bolts) White wire is considered a colour (and can vary depending on the company) but it’s black on black (silver bolts) and white on white. IMPORTANT IN LIGHT FIXTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bonus tip, GDLs for the kitchen are a 3 way wire. That means it needs 4 wires in the protective coat: a black, red, white and uncovered wire. The uncovered one is a safe wire and is the ground. This protects your house from that last panel becoming a reality. The black one is hot… or fully charged. Wear rubber boots. The white one is safe and will complete the circuit. The red one allows the GDI to work… Call an Electrician for this.

    Did my whole basement renos myself yup yup

  • Se7en cats

    Two words “Angies List” For all your house hold repairs. Great comic, love the humor. XD