Culinary Assumptions

You’d like to think this is one of those times when the 27% untrue part of this comic comes into play, but you’d be wrong. So very wrong.

  • Adriano

    I guess Brett could eat anything.

    Not like me xD

    Smell and appearance is very important to me.

    • Me tooo if it doesn’t smell delicious get it off my plate!

      • Adriano

        Yeah, exactly xD

        Or I drown the food under ketchup and mayo

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Certain cheeses that you put on spaghetti smell like feet.

    • This makes me sad I want all food to smell delicious

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Same here.
        What is worse, food that smells real good but has absolutely no flavor.
        I don’t know how they did it, but recently had chicken that smelled absolutely wonderful.

        Tasted like cardboard with dust sprinkles.

  • hahahaha this is soooo relevant I can’t even

    • Do you also think hominy smells like dog pee
      are you and Brett of the same clan of hominy haters hahah

  • I think that Taco Bell meat smells like armpits but I totally eat it anyway.

    • Oh man, once a group of us went to a Lebanese restaurant and we ordered some kind of meat dish that came out smelling exactly like sweaty armpits and I could not eat any of it D:

      • Armpit meat is good eats, I’m just sayin’.

  • Food can smell weird and still taste good :P

    • I know that if I thought a certain food smelled like dog pee I would not be able to eat it. :(

      • Delta-v

        Well… kinda does, and I can totally eat it anyway. :)