Your Cheatin’ Heart

Sometimes I get a little riled up about silly things, I admit. But at least hubs is there to ground me back in reality. Stupid pop songs!

  • Rateus

    The floor is the village bike…

  • Mick The Nerd

    Eight beers and on the floor? Lightweight.

  • The Victor

    Wait, was the song “Your Cheating Heart” by Hank Williams Sr? The one recorded in 1952?

    • The Victor

      A funny one is “Tequila makes her clothes fall off”… but you really got to see the music video

  • Delta-v

    Country-pop songs are aimed at people who have already had enough beer to make the words subliminal, rather than overt. If you can still understand the words, you’re not drunk enough.

    • Haha yes I could see this being the reality

  • Yeah my wife and I also often laugh at the ridiculousness of pop music and it’s implications.

    • I guess we as a consumer of music aren’t supposed to really read that deeply into the lyrics haha

    • Adri Mannow

      Dan, I learn more about yourself and your private life in the comment section of this comic than in Demon Archives xD

      And I like it 8D