What is it about cats not seeing the ring of food around the bowl? Jerk Cat Grimmer doesn’t appear to realize there’s food there until we swish the bowl and get the kibble back in the middle. He eats the center and walks away. Repeat until food is gone.

Fat Cat Moxxi, on the other hand…her bowl is apparently a bountiful cornucopia of delights.

  • Miles

    Spot is like Grimmer… though worse.
    “What? This food is older than now! How can I be expected to eat this! I shall surely starve and must remind you constantly that I am hungry, despite having a full bowl! After all, you poured this food at least five minutes ago, and it is clearly no longer fit for consumption!”

  • andrew

    my cat will love brand kind of food for about two weeks and then refuse it for mohnts. she also loves chees for some reason.

    • Cats: The Most Awkward of all the possible pets???

  • Levi

    I’d prefer it if you made this more mobile friendly, every time I scroll over a comic to see it better it goes to the next one. Like if I at all make contact with it with my finger, it goes to the next one, so I have to awkwardly hold down on each comic to read it.

    • Fair point! Are you using iOS or Android, just out of curiosity?

      • Levi

        iOS, though android users may have issues with his as well. I also seem to have issues with going back to a page I clicked out of, and hitting previous. It often takes me to the next comic instead, which is frustrating to get around with, cuz I’m really liking this comic.

        • Let me check in with my web dev and see if she has some ideas for me – I don’t want to make it impossible for mobile readers to visit my site. Thanks for bringing this up!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Colton likes raking his paws through the water dish with his ears back.
    “Must paddle faster!”

    Ceirdwyn eats like she is a small vacuum, but she is ultra tiny, and apparently mostly fur.

    • Aw, tiny cats are my favorite. Fat Cat has the appearance of being all fur, then you pick her up aaaaaaand insta-hernia :\

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        And Moxxi girl has that cat ability of increasing mass upon being lifted?
        Ceirdwyn seems to be like the old Looney Tunes monster “Gossamer”, there may not truly be a cat in there at all.
        At least that is the theory, considering how mad she gets when I comb her.

        • Love the Looney Tune reference! Haha combing a cat has to be the most futile thing in our house. Moxxi will literally flop herself in rolling circles like a worm across the floor (purring, mind you) until we give up.

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Ceirdwyn will steal the comb and run off with it.
            She makes odd noises as she runs away too.
            Kinda like panicked panting.
            She sounds like a Tachikoma from ghost in the shell when she does that.
            I eventually have to give up as well.

  • Meredith

    Moxxi was a street cat, right? Well, so was one of my kitties, and she gorges herself. She’s huge! It turns out that street cats like that didn’t know when their next meal was gonna come so they ate as much as possible. Even though their food source is now secured, they themselves think that they need to eat plenty. So, Moxxi eats just to make sure.

    • Yep, my vet had told me that its typical of cats that lived on the streets, so I’ve taken to metering out her meals so she doesn’t turn into a small planet. She still loves to hork it all down as fast as possible, even though Grimmer has never eaten her food and no one’s ever taken it away from her haha. Old habits!

  • Tracey

    I use the slim cat ball for both cats. Loki would scarf his food down so fast that it would come back up….all over the floor.

    Jaspurr bats it around and glares at me.

  • Adri Mannow

    Yep, Grimmer is really a jerk xD
    Must be hard to feed him ^^

    • He’s so prissy, I just know one day he’s gonna decide he doesn’t like this brand of food anymore and make me try a bunch of different kinds hah.

  • From experience with my two fur-butts: They can, but depending on how their snout and fangs are build, they can’t comfortably reach it.

    So much easier and less uncomfortable to get the convient human to feed them than to bang their teeth against the dish.

    • I have discovered that if I dump the rest of the food out onto a napkin on the floor he eats it with no problem, so this could be part of it! But mostly I think he just likes bossing me around.

      • Nathan

        My folks switched to small plates, and it seems to work well for their two cats. Except for the part where the fat one steals the other’s food. That’s less easily solved.

        • I know this struggle well – maybe I’ll try the tiny plate idea and see if that helps!