Sometimes my husband just says stuff and I don’t even really need to make it anymore comic-ready than that. This is probably 3/4ths of the reason I married him. The other 1/4th is probably because he can cook up a storm in the kitchen. And there’s probably another third that’s because he’s hot. Or something like that, I can’t math.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    O Fortuna misheard.. I recommend the insanity of it.

  • hahaha ‘Cat Gap’! I love Panel 2, it’s the reason why I love those old music GET 40 CDS NOW infomercials, the people look so dated and hilarious
    I can only hope to one day meet someone as entertaining as your husbando. For now, I guess I can stomach my own… interesting sense of humor :>

    • Cat Gap still makes me laugh whenever I see Moxxi stretching out on the floor, I assume practicing some kind of pole dance.
      Mmmm forty 70 soft rock CDs With their super feathery long hair parted right in the middle and their long tab collars and clothing in various shades of brown polyester haha. I wish upon you the highest quality and caliber of entertaining husbands! *\o/*

  • Math is overrated anyway.

    “The Cat Gap”. I’m going to have to use that one.

    • I can never look at Moxxi the same now

  • I like Brett. And my wife likes your comic, probably more than mine (no blood and gore, etc). We should hang out :D

    • Yes I try to keep the blood and gore in check here.
      AND if we ever get a Google hangout session going with all the Twitter Gang maybe we could haha.