You Had One Job

I have long heard that if you are given a job and do it poorly enough, you won’t be asked to do it again. I know what’s happening here and I won’t fall for it! You’re stuck with banana separating duty forever now.

  • Samuel Cornick

    I found six bananas. What do I win?

  • Rateus

    The banana you lose and don’t find for months will be your worst enemy :-(

  • Kazzeon

    The cat is the best part.

  • The Victor

    Bananas are supposed to be hung… wherever they touch, they go bad. So seperating them doesn’t work… That’s why you can buy banana hangers.

    • Mike

      I’ve never seen a coloration between the side they sit on and where it goes brown fastest (unless it’s getting bruised).

  • Megan

    Nailed it! Also love banana cape XD

  • Se7en cats

    OMG that’s hilarious. Totally something I’d do to my wife. Ha ha ha ha …. XD

  • Adri Mannow

    Permkin cape would be much more cool.

  • In my family we call it “planned incompetence.” It worked pretty well for my oldest brother ;)

    • Hah! I like that I’m gonna have to pocket that one away for future use.

  • Not gonna lie, that’s totally what I would’ve done too. *___*

    • You must be related spiritually. Sassy Spirit Siblings.