Not an Addiction

It’s not an addiction if I know what I’m doing and I know that I have a real problem not eating the entire bag of Big League Chew in one sitting. :(

Look at this crap it’s not even appetizing looking. But if there’s a bag anywhere in my vicinity it’s going in my mouth end of story.


  • Molotov

    Please tell me somebody here remembers Garfield Big League Chew? It was meant to be his stripes, so it was grape mixed with orange and it was magical!

  • Claudzilla

    I heard a news story about the guys who invented this stuff. Baseball fans who wanted not to chew tobacco, but still pretend to be their heroes, or something. I don’t really remember but I like the sound of that.

    • toxic delirium

      You got it right. I used to love that stuff. When I was a kid. 35 years ago. So old….

  • Haven’t had Big League Chew in decades. But boy, do I remember the joy. And the horribly distorted caricatures of baseball players on the package. Good times.

    • Good times indeed. The original flavor is the best, but I’ll also eat the awful grape and the terrible sour apple.