Achieving Marital Bliss

If you ever need your spouse to listen to you in a respectful manner that’s all you really need to do, you feel me? One or two solid butt cheek punches later, and you’ll have all your issues worked out.

  • Claudzilla

    OMG I am choking on my laughter. If only I had known of this technique, my marriage might have survived!
    I may bring this up with my ex next time I see him. In front of the children, of course.

  • Adri Mannow

    Ahahahahah so funny x’D

  • Vas

    I haven’t tried the butt punch method of communication. It seems effective.

    • Deemed safe and effective by nine out of ten leading doctors in the field of butt science

      • Cattymadness

        What happened to the 10th one?

        • Sensei Le Roof

          He got his butt punched.